Why Bars Spray Your Beer Glass With Water?

Why Bars Spray Your Beer Glass With Water?

If you have been to some modern bars, you may see a little tool your barkeep uses to wash the glass. We call it as a glass rinser. It seems to be this:

Using the rinser is easy; you hold the glass and press down into the glass rinser, then water jets thoroughly rinse residue in seconds in all directs with 360° rotating. It looks so cool and it’s also an effective way to prepare a beer glass. However, you will have these concerns, “Why doesn’t the bar just clean up the glasses? Why rinse them right before serving my beer?” Well, the glass cleanser can’t give your glass a totally cleaning. However, it can be used to wash away residual dish soap, or other dirt.

But this glass rinser actually provides a greater function than just cleaning your glass.

They can also cool a beer glass off and make it a little wet, which helps the barkeep serve beer properly. After rinsing the glass, it becomes smoother, and there’s little friction when beer fills it. This allows a more even, clean pour and a substantial, fragrant head. As we all know, beer foam is a good thing, because the aroma of the beer is almost all there, smelling brings fun. The other benefit of rinsing a beer glass is that water can cool the glass down, because we know that pint glasses often heat your beer up prematurely.

So, the next time you see your barkeep rinsing your glass, you can share this knowledge with your friends, you all will feel the beer more tasty. Cheers!

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