Set Your Hands Free With A Glass Rinser

Set Your Hands Free With A Glass Rinser

I am so excited to introduce this amazing product for you, a cleaning tool which will make every woman scream, FONTOP Glass Rinser.

Yeah I’m not telling a joke when I say it will change our daily life especially in the kitchen, with all the bottle washing and glass rinsing we’ve been doing all the day.

If you have a sink in a kitchen or a bar, we highly recommend you to install this Glass Rinser. It will help you save a lot of time and much trouble.

Imagine a scene – A mom is at home alone with her baby, she has to keep busy the whole day taking care of the baby and doing housework. Between breakfasts to their evening meal, washing glasses and bottles non-stop in the kitchen. See, it would be life-changing for baby bottles, or wine glasses, cups! Just one hand, you can solve all the dirty glasses. So momma can save time and sit down to enjoy a glass of coffee.

Wife no longer shout at husband about the heavy housework, after installing the Glass Rinser, we were able to get rid of our baby bottle brushes. The FONTOP Glass Rinser thoroughly rinses residue in seconds, with high-pressure water jets that reach where you can’t.

Best of all, it’s affordable and small size design to fit with any faucet. It can also be easily installed, just 10 minutes.

I can’t wait any more to share with you and I am sure you’ll love FONTOP Glass Rinser.

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