Is It Worth to Install a Kitchen Rinser?

Is It Worth to Install a Kitchen Rinser?

As a product for just $69.99, the FONTOP glass rinser is a really affordable and a simple kitchen upgrade with remarkably effective results.

If you make a lot of milky tea, drink coffee or tea, or have to wash baby bottles or slender cup, the glass rinser is quite helpful. Just think: no need to immerse yourself in washing all kinds of glasses or suddenly found residue inside the cup!

This glass rinser may not be the best choice for glassware that exceeds a 4.2 Inches in diameter. If you already have a powerful sprayer, such as a kitchen faucet, a glass rinser may seem to be not much use.

However, the 360°all-around wash, consistent high-quality products and services, and spatter measures make FONTOP Glass Rinser an excellent choice, even for those with high-pressure sprayers.

The glass rinser with 9 high pressure powerful water jets, thoroughly rinse residue in seconds in all directs, when you put down the cup mouth and press the bottom of the cup. The slope design of the cup rinser base directs water to the kitchen sink without accumulation of water, keeping the bottle washer base clean and tidy. The efficient process ends up saving you water in the long run!

Now, don't you think it's not worth it?

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