How does a glass rinser helps?

How does a glass rinser helps?

Do you have trouble about how to get the bottom of those tall glasses and bottles as clean as possible? A dishwasher may not safe for some glassware, while some glasses have printing on them that will come off in a dishwasher. 

If any of this make you confused, you may want to consider buying a glass rinser.

Glass rinsers, which are sprayers designed to clean out the insides of glasses and bottles, they can wash more thoroughly than your hand sprayer or dishwasher.

FONTOP Glass Rinser works by spraying jets of water into the glass when you press it down. The 9 high pressure powerful water jets of metal cup rinser will automatically spray water to clean cup all hidden corners. Hit those hard to reach places where the cup brush can't reach or in tight spaces. The slightly tilted base directs water to the kitchen sink without accumulation of water, keep base tidy and easy cleanup. In a bar setting, they're usually set into the bar near the tap tower. They rinse residual soap and sanitizer out of glasses before you refill them, ensuring that residues don't ruin the tastes of drinks, especially beers.

There are a couple of glass rinsers brands in the market, and they all almost work in the same way. But FONTOP Glass Rinser has multiple jets (up to 9) that hit the inside of the glass all-around. The high pressure powerful water jets will let more inside surface be sprayed, clean the glass more quickly and completely.

Let’s see how it works!

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