Glass Rinser - Lazy Person’s Welfare

Glass Rinser - Lazy Person’s Welfare

Life experience tells us, it will be difficult to clean up the juice, coffee and other drinks if you do’t wash them in time; Some cups are too high to clean the inner bottom layer; Some cups have a narrow rim that makes it difficult to wash deeply to ensure cleanliness. In the face of a variety of cup bottles, how to easily clean the residual inner wall of the cup?

There comes the idea with a product called glass rinser.  Simply press the glass rinser directly to start the high-pressure nozzle, which will rush straight up from the central nozzle in all directions to vigorously rinse the cup wall. Wash with detergent or hot water,  it can spray directly to the location that hands can’t reach. So you don't have to worry about cleaning open cups, plastic cups, wine glasses and coffee mugs. With the nozzle in the center, thermos, baby bottles and champagne glasses with narrow mouths can also be rinsed directly.

Of course, in addition to more powerful flush on the glass for cleaning, glass rinser also meets the needs of lazy people. Gently press the glass and let the high-pressure water help you clean it without any other cleaning actions.

The glass rinser installation is very simple, compatible with standard faucets, sprayers, soap pump countertop mounting holes, connected to the water supply line. When cleaning, the water flows directly to the sink, it is convenient and fast, and will not bring redundant cleaning tasks.

Glass rinser is undoubtedly a successful innovation experiment, simple and practical.

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