Customer’s Review For Glass Rinser

Customer’s Review For Glass Rinser


There is a couple of kitchen hardware that I desire for home use: a moronically dishwasher with a one-minute cycle, a gigantic kitchen sink with a spray faucet, and modern grade ventilation. As a food blogger who also owns a restaurant, I have to think about these things than others. For the purpose of thorough cleaning, they seem OK (who would not like their dishes washed with all the force of a fire hose?!) but it is unfeasible in a home.

That’s why I'm so exciting that the glass rinser has advanced from a business setting to the home kitchen. I set one at my restaurant, where I've used it for years to rinse cups and wine glasses quickly and efficiently.

By shooting a high-pressure jet of water up into any receptacle and circulating it, glass rinsers can thoroughly rinse residue in seconds in all directs, making life easier for entertainers (glasses, vases, pitchers), mothers (baby bottles), and wine taster (like my husband, who likes to taste each wine with a new glass).

You will say you can try to clean the inside glass with running water and a dishcloth, but this glass rinser cleans thoroughly where your hands can't reach it. Also, It will reduce wear and tear from frequent wiping.

The kitchen rinser is the simple DIY replacement parts for a soap dispenser, kitchen sprayer or sink hole cover. It has modern finishes like brushed nickle or matte black, you will strongly recommend it to all your friends once you try. Trust me.

                                                                                                          By Kelly Allan

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