Kitchen Remodel Plan---Platform Cup Rinser

Kitchen Remodel Plan---Platform Cup Rinser

Some friends said that many things seem difficult, seem to be difficult to think about, but if you don’t actually do it, you will never know whether it is really difficult or not ! For example, it takes me long time to plan to install a cup rinser next to the sink.

After watching a lot of coffee moive videos, it's impressive to be able to create an environment that you like.
After making the milk froth, pressed the bar handsomely.

You can pour another glass of milk now
The table is still clean

But how do I change my current kitchen? If it's like the one above, I'd have to cut holes in the countertop. If you have the equipment, it should not be difficult, but if you don't have the equipment and want to use the hand sawing table, you really don't want it, you will want to cry, the table is super hard!

Later, I found that this type seems to be fine, I just need to install it next to the sink.Very convenient.

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